If you have renovations on your to-do list, you’re not alone! According to Houzz and Home June 2015 Overview Report, over half of the homeowners on Houzz (55%) plan to continue or start renovations and considering they have over 35 million monthly users, you can bet even more are taking on home improvement projects. But, what are people improving? There is a growing demand for home storage solutions and there are no signs of it slowing down! As long-term homeowners take on renovations to maximize space and new buyers remodel to increase home value, improving the functionality of their homes with efficient organization solutions is a top priority. Even renters are looking for ways that make the most out of their set square footage with non-permanent organization options. With that said, here are some of the top home storage and organization trends that can maximize every inch of space with the use of these smart solutions! The Top Trends For Home Storage & OrganizationThe Plentiful Pantry Some homeowners are revamping their kitchen areas by creating pantries that go beyond traditional food storage. These versatile spaces are allowing additional room in the main kitchen area with separate, versatile spaces that feature prep stations, open storage and extra room of secondary appliances. These spaces even include areas for crafts or gift-wrapping and this serves the purpose of decreasing clutter in the kitchen as a whole by producing more usable space. Multi-Functional Versatility Renters and homeowners who are looking for non-permanent organization solutions and choose “specialized storage” options that can repurpose a space to fit their specific needs. As an example, modular storage units like cubbies or closed-drawer units are becoming quite popular because they can work well in entryways, playrooms and the home office. Custom Closet Designs The Top Trends For Home Storage & OrganizationThere has been a dramatic rise in bedroom closets where homeowners are expanding the spaces to be much more than a standard walk-in closet. Custom closet designs are paving the way for quicker access to everything like shirts, pants, dresses, shoes and all other apparel. On top of that, transparent storage materials like frosted doors are picking up momentum as bedroom closets are becoming more of a clothing exhibit to display uniformed collections and styles. Additionally, boutique-like ambiance is on the rise and many custom closet designs are featuring spotlight lighting fixtures that turn the once dark space into a store-like experience. Also, as the general foot print of the closet increases, more homeowners are creating split or his-and-hers finishes with contrasting looks to distinguish the differences between the two. With styles that are leaning towards a play on conventional bedroom furniture (drawers, armoires, chests, etc.), you can expect to see less wire racking and standard clothes racks because the personalized and custom look is in. Homeowners want to add their own touches with specific color pallets as well as finishes, and a custom designed closet allows them to have more control on the style. Bathroom Storage Gone are the days where bath towels, shampoos, soaps and other toiletries clutter the bathroom because homeowners are taking advantage of every nook and cranny with custom bathroom storage closets. You’ll come across larger bathrooms with ample storage that goes beyond the cabinets underneath the sink that can house multiple personal products and towels. This is turning the bathroom into personal spa-like retreats with clutter out of the picture. Oversized Entertainment As more homes feature open-concept floorplans, living rooms need to be flexible enough to accommodate everyday leisure and refined class for entertaining guests at a moment’s notice. Custom built-ins and oversized entertainment centers remain a hot trend as homeowners need the space to hide bulky TV equipment and many will feature open shelving to display personal items such as pictures, artwork and collectables. According to Houzz, 91% find it extremely important to improve the look and feel of the home and 85% say it’s very important to improve the functionality. As the concepts of functionality, storage and design continue to fuel renovations, are you ready to optimize your home for better organization? Get started on your custom closet designs, built-in entertainment centers and more today with JL Closets!

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