With people willing to put their money into organizing their clothes and accessories, made to order closets have become quite popular. For some, it’s an extension of their personality. A custom closet is the ultimate storage solution for people who love fashion. But if you are looking to sell the house sometime in the future, would a custom closet impact your home’s value?

Closets aren’t just a simple fad. People are now willing to spend much more time on their appearance. We buy many more fashion products online and also save things we think we might need someday. This often leads to unorganized houses when they have too much to store in traditional storage spaces.
Storage space has always been a good selling point. Adjustable shelves, kitchen pantry organizers, and corner storage ideas have always been a strong selling point for indecisive home buyers.
High-end custom closets are now the new normal. In fact, builders are now willing to collaborate with closet companies to learn what works and what doesn’t before building the homes. In the high-end home market, custom closets aren’t just another room – it’s a customized showplace. For fashion designers, it’s like walking into a posh Fifth Avenue boutique!
Garages often tend to become a bottomless pit thanks to the amount of clutter people store because it just doesn’t fit anywhere else (outgrown baby supplies, camping gear, gifts you have never opened, ). A prospective homebuyer will love custom garage storage solutions that help clear clutter and free up space in other areas of the house.
Closets that allow customizability allow people to arrange and re-arrange storage solutions when necessary. For example, a custom designed kids closet is often designed to meet a child’s growing needs.
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