A custom closet is a must for people who love to be organized. A custom closet ensures that there’s a place for each item and everything is in the right place. Customized home storage solutions can be expensive – so it’s important that you choose the right company that do justice to your budget and your space. Here are a few things to remember before you choose a custom closet design company:

Ask for references

Reputation is key in selecting a reliable custom closet company. Reputable companies are keen to always put their clients’ interests first. They are not hesitant to offer a list of references and testimonials. Speak to the company’s past clients, if possible, to find if they’re happy with the quality of work.

Manufactured in Florida

Some companies claim to offer custom closets, but end up importing parts from across the world. This can be a problem, especially when you need adjustments. Some of these pieces can be arranged in different styles. But this isn’t true customization. Look for design companies that can help with complete customization, i.e. designs that are specially made to fit your home. For example, we manufacture all of our parts in our design studio which allows adjustments to be done on the spot. The problem with importing parts from abroad is that you may need to wait months for delivery. Also, you cannot be assured of quality.

In-house design and installation team

Before you hire a closet design company, check if they have an in-house team or hire independent contractors to design and install closets. Firms with full-time employees install custom closets almost every day – this ensures that they complete projects on time and to a high standard.

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