A contemporary custom closet design is influenced by the homeowner’s lifestyle and choices. It’s not just about the object that is created, but rather, the human response – the way it makes the owner feel. Over the years, we have helped build countless luxurious and elegant home storage solutions; some of the ideas we have included as key features in our design philosophy include:

  • Good lighting:

Good lighting is especially important if you love fashion. It not only serves a functional purpose but helps you get the most out of your closet. For example, good overhead lighting helps you mix and match different fashion elements and also allows you to make the best use of floor and wall space. Chandeliers are preferred in custom closets designed for women, while men prefer traditional ceiling lights. Shelves include track lights, while spotlights help you illuminate the room completely.

  • A place for accessories:

Accessories are a very important part of putting together your look. Creating an organized reach-in closet for your belts, scarves, earrings, shoes, bracelets, necklaces, and watches can make accessorizing easy and effortless.

  • Understanding your habits:

Every project at JL Closets begins with knowing the client’s needs and preferences. This helps us understand your requirements and come up with a design idea that works best for you. For example, we’ll want to know how you get dressed and ensure that the most used items are placed at eye-level. Some storage solutions may need more hanging space, while some may need more shelf-space.

  • Ergonomics:

An ergonomically designed closet makes it easier for people to store and organize things. For example, you wouldn’t want to bend down to find everyday items! Nor does it make sense to have deep shelves because you may end up forgetting about items stored the back. Looking for custom closet designs in Florida? Call us to set up a free consultation!

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