Closets aren’t simply a place to store clothes. For some, it could double up as a dressing room or even a sitting room where friends can get together to discuss fashion. For others, it could be their very own mini store where they could shop their wardrobe! We have been designing contemporary closets in Miami for many years now and cannot stress enough the importance of good lighting. It can make a huge impact in any closet design, and is certainly one of the most important elements to consider while designing an envy-inducing closet.

A center chandelier offers a central focal point:

A ceiling fixture offers a central focal point and can instantly brighten up the space. They help to give your closet a more ‘put together’ and stylish look. They can also instantly set the tone for the room.

Task lighting makes it easy for you to find things:

Light does not travel through shelves unless they’re made of glass! Task lighting on shelves makes it easy for you to find individual accessories and clothes easily.  They are a good source of direct light and do not strain the eyes. That is why they’re commonly installed in department stores, so their clothes look bright.

Rods with built-in lights and shelves with recessed lighting:

An LED strip above the clothes adds brightness and offers great visibility. You could also use them on the bottom shelf to make sure they’re pointing to the floor to create a sense of added space.

Lights on mirrors are great as well:

They make the space appear larger and adds an element of character as well.

Motion sensor lights add an element of luxury:

You don’t want to be opening a closet door with switches or strings that need to be pulled. For a more upscale look, go for motion sensor lights that turn on and off automatically.

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