It’s spring again, and now is the time to shop for spring and summer fashion. Before you head out, though, remember there’s probably something you need to work out at home. Better said, in your closet! With spring shopping comes spring cleaning. If you need to clean your closet, here’s how to do it like a pro:

  • Start Early:

Starting early gives you more time to understand if you have enough space or if you need to expand. It also allows you to come up innovative ideas for organizing. You do not want to spend a hot day in a cramped closet looking for space.

  • Place Everything in One Place:

If you’re serious about cleaning out your closet, place everything that you have in one place. This way you get a realistic perspective of what you need and what you have. You may even have a moment of self-reflection when faced with 20 pairs of shoes that you’ve never worn. This is the time to honestly ask yourself, ‘will I ever wear this?’

  • Prioritize:

Divide your things into categories such as things you want to keep, things that you’ll never wear, etc. And there’s also the special, “what was I thinking” category! Some clothes or accessories are timeless and are worth leaving to your children. Some offseason clothes may be donated, and some may go back to their old shelves.

  • Invest In a Customized Closet:

Custom closets are designed to match your storage expectations and space availability. At JL Closets, we work with clients to understand their vision so that there’s maximum storage space. This way, you get to keep all your clothes and accessories organized, and purging becomes easy.

  • Make Sure You Haven’t Missed Anything:

Once you have cleaned, recycled, and purged all items, it’s time to go back to the things you’ve kept and make sure that you need them. Organize the items you’ve kept and get ready for spring and summer fashion.

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