Organizing your pantry can be intimidating. For one, there are so many items to deal with – canned food, spices, dry food, etc. You have to make sure the room doesn’t pick up a miserable odor. There’s also the problem of arranging things so that they’re easy to find later. Here are five tips to help you organize your pantry efficiently.

  1. Invest in a custom pantry cabinet:

Kitchen pantry cabinets can be custom designed to match your space and storage requirements. The secret to stress-free cooking is making sure that every item in the kitchen has a place and can be found easily. At JL Closets, we help clients organize their kitchen supplies and help create a clutter-free space.

  1. Use clear storage containers:

Using clear storage containers not only prevents unnecessary buying but also makes cooking easy because you don’t have to waste time looking for things. Labeling food products also help. For example, items like dry fruits, crackers, snacks, etc., are more likely to be used when displayed in clear storage containers. Otherwise, it’s just a case of filling it, shut it and forget about it!

  1. Clean and purge:

Clean your pantry regularly by clearing out everything on the kitchen island or dining room. Categorize food items into things you rarely use or those that you use every day. Check the expiration date on items and discard the ones that are out of date. Check with a local food bank to learn if they accept non-perishable items.

  1. Create a kid-friendly zone:

If your kids love to check the pantry every time they’re back from school, designate a special kid-friendly zone with plenty of healthy snacks for them. These places should be reachable and safe as well.

  1. Keep a chalkboard handy:

What do you do if you are running out of something essential and need to be reminded for your next shopping trip? Keep a chalkboard so that it’s easy to jot down reminders. It also provides entertainment to the kids, if they haven’t grown bored of seeing one at school.

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