If you love to keep things organized, a kitchen pantry organizer is a must! At JL Closets, we have been helping people organize their kitchen essentials to save them time and money. If you have a pantry organizer and are looking for tips to arrange things, read ahead:

  • Create Zones for Things:

Creating zones for kitchen supplies helps eliminate waste and ensures things are restocked on time. It also reduces meal preparation time. For example, things like tea, coffee, sugar, and jam can be stored within hand’s reach, while rarely used items can be stored on the upper shelf. Snacks and cereals can be stored on the middle shelf. Of course, every family is different and so are their cooking habits. Find out your eating style and then arrange zones accordingly. For example, a zone for baking, weekend lunches, and on the go lunch food.

  • Invest in Clear Containers:

Buying clear and labeled containers is possibly the best solution to save time and money. It also looks neat and tidy just like when you place things in matching jars, except you don’t have to waste time opening and closing jars looking for things.

  • Go for Chalkboard Doors:

Chalkboard doors are perfect for busy moms and young families. You can use the board to remind yourself of things to buy during the next shopping trip. Or, keep kids engaged by allowing them to draw on the board while you’re busy preparing lunch for them. You can also use the board to write down use before dates of products and prevent wastage. Are you looking for other home storage solutions like custom closet designs in and around Florida? Call us!

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