Organizing things in the pantry is just half the job; keeping it clean is the real challenge! If you are one among the many cleaning their pantry every Sunday only to find it in a mess on Friday, this blog is for you! Read further to know how to keep your kitchen pantry cabinet clean and organized:

  • Keep Things Where They Belong:

Encourage everyone at home to put things where they belong. This is in fact, the first and the most important habit to follow to make sure your house is clean and organized at all times. For example, dishes go into the sink after you’re done eating, jars go back to their racks after you have used them, and empty cartons go to the bin immediately after you’ve emptied them.

  • Arrange Your Pantry Wisely:

Arranging food by groups helps save cooking and cleaning time. For example, on the go lunch items can be placed separately, while perishable items can be placed in another group. Similarly, spices should be arranged separately.

  • Get Rid of Expired Products Immediately:

Depending on how regularly you clean the pantry, you may have to get rid of some or a lot of expired products. Either way, getting rid of expired food products is the first thing to keep the pantry clean. Next, make a list of things you often buy, but don’t consume. This can help you get an idea the next time you are out to buy stuff and helps you save money as well.

  • Mark Use by Dates for All Products:

Packaged items always come with a use- by date, but it’s difficult to know this if you’ve emptied them in a jar. As a rule, after you’ve emptied things into a container, date all your pantry items. This will help you save time and money. Are you looking for custom closets in Boca Raton? Call us, and we’ll help!

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