According to Global Workplace Analytics, over 25 million Americans are calling home “the office” at least one day a week. Among them, 2.8 million self-employed people consider home their primary place of work. As the number of at-home workers continues to grow, so does the need for custom home office designs. We’ve compiled these home office design ideas to help boost your productivity at home and create a space you love to work in.

Design Idea 1: Fully Enclosed Workspace

This closet transformation by Family Handyman is a great example of creating a separate work space in your home without sacrificing an entire room. This home office design idea is great if you only work from home a few days out of the week or simply do not have enough space for an entire office. We also love this idea for anyone who wants to keep their work space hidden but still needs adequate storage space. If you are looking for a design option where you can easily keep your work space out of site until you need it, this is the option for you!

10 Custom Home Office Design Ideas We Love

Design Idea 2: Extra Width Desk

If your potential office space is plentiful and you often find yourself losing your desk under a stack of papers and binders, one custom home office design option is an extra long desk with built in storage like this one (Designer: Justine Hugh Jones via: Est Magazine). The large cabinets and open shelves provide ample space for storing files and books. This is one of many home office design ideas that works in a narrower space or allows a larger room to be used for more than just an office.

10 Custom Home Office Design Ideas We Love

Design Idea 3: Touch of Color

One of the advantages of working from home is saying goodbye to boring grey cubicles. Customizing your home office allows you to showcase your personality and taste. Pairing whites and greys with a vibrant color creates a work space that will help keep you in a great mood. The Color Affects System, developed by famous color psychologist Angela Wright, determines that while individuals might have a favorite color, the effects of color influence people regardless of preference. According to Wright, yellow inspires creativity, blue stimulates the mind, green can be calming, and red has an energizing effect on the body. Bright and vibrant colors can motivate and energize in a work place whereas muted colors have a calming and soothing effect.

10 Custom Home Office Design Ideas We Love

Design Idea 4: Standing Desk

For individuals who are health-conscious, find sitting uninspiring and unproductive, or have trouble sitting for extended period, a standing height desk may quickly become one of their favorite home office design ideas. An advantage to custom designed home office storage is the ability to build a desk to accommodate sitting and standing regardless of your height. A combination of a sitting and standing desk allows you to choose which option best fits your day to day needs.

Design Idea 5: Double Dip

Sharing a home office space with another person? Need a double width desk to accommodate your multifaceted job? This custom design feature is great for breaking up a double width desk. The angular dip in the middle of the desk is one of the more unique custom home office designs but it is great contemporary option that is rising in popularity. The divide in the middle is great for storing books, magazines, or documents that you need to keep within arms reach without cluttering your desk.

10 Custom Home Office Design Ideas We Love

Design Idea 6: LED Lighting

A well-lit space is crucial to a highly productive home office and the good news is that you are not limited to just a boring desk lamp. A possible custom home office design idea is incorporating LED lighting under shelves or drawers. This option is useful for offices that have great natural light during the day but need a little boost once the sun goes down or for home office users who want to lessen eye strain.

Design Idea 7: Extra Security

If your line of work calls for working with sensitive or confidential material, then it is worth investing in extra security measures for protecting your information or equipment. There are an abundance of options for drawer locks but our favorite are the keyless entry locks that are completely hidden in the design. These locks typically require an RFID chip or magnet to be placed over the area where the lock is located. This option allows you to increase your home office security without sacrificing the streamline design of your home office.

Design Idea 8: Home Library

Expand your inspiration beyond home office design ideas and consider a home library or study! Display your existing literature collection or start from the beginning and fill your office with information beyond your computer. Custom library shelving is a great way to add an extensive amount of storage to your home or office. Turn your home office into a relaxing place to read or collaborate with others by adding extra seating other than your desk.

Design Idea 9: Minimalist Shelf Desk

If you are committed to minimalism or the idea of a standing desk, it is worth considering this minimalist standing shelf desk. Pairing this “desk” with a taller bar stool and extra shelves for storage creates a functional office while taking up minimal space. Since this home office option only takes up a few square feet, this option works well if you only have a studio or small space to live in.

Design Idea 10: High Quality

Nobody wants to spend their time in an uncomfortable chair or flimsy feeling desk. By investing in high quality materials and a custom design options, you can create a home office that you are proud to work in. Your home office is an investment that you will use for the majority of your day. Investing in a high quality home office will be paid off by your better mood and increased productivity on a day to day basis.

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