Do you spend hours organizing your closet just to find that it is back to a chaotic mess in a few weeks? Do you struggle to figure out how to organize your closet? It can be overwhelming to take on what feels like such a large task. Fortunately, we put together this guide of custom closet organizer ideas to go through every step necessary for the perfectly organized closet. We understand that it is not just an issue of how to organize your closet but also a matter of how to keep your closet organized.

What You’ll Need

How to Organize Your Closet (and Keep It That Way)

  • Trash bags
  • Storage bins
  • Determination

Tip: Do whatever you need to keep yourself motivated to get through the process. Get a friend to help you, make a playlist of your favorite songs, or download an audiobook to help the process go faster.

Phase 1: Love It or Leave It

Before you can organize your closet, it is important to get rid of any unnecessary items in order to reduce clutter. Although it may seem like the opposite of organizing, the best way to begin this process is by taking everything out of your closet. This gives you a blank canvas to work with and it forces you to examine every item in your closet. Although the process of determining which stays or goes can be tricky for people who are indecisive, there are a few questions that can help you determine what stays, what goes, and what gets donated. Questions to ask yourself when decluttering your closet

  1. Have you worn it in the past year?

If not, it donate it or toss it. Barring a few sentimental pieces of clothing or extremely formal pieces (which should be in storage, not your closet), if you have not worn it in the past year then chances are you will never wear it. Although this is not a hard and fast rule, it is a great starting point.

2. Would you buy it again?

This is another great question to ask yourself. Sometimes you buy a shirt and it just doesn’t quite fit like you expected or you wore it once and found you hated it. For clothes that don’t apply to the first question, this is a good alternative question.

  1. Does it need to be replaced?

Maybe it’s your go-to “going out to dinner dress” that has a couple stains or your favorite sweater that has a hole in it. If you used to wear an item often, you should consider replacing it and tossing or repurposing the old one. For the clothes that are not going back into your closet, you can organize them into three different piles: throw away, donate, and return/sell.

Phase 2: In the Zone

Now that you’ve narrowed your closet down to the essentials, it is time to put everything back. It’s easy to lose motivation at this point since you’ve already worked so hard to sort through your clothes. However, throwing everything haphazardly back in your closet is only going to undo the progress you made in the last phase. There is no singular organization method for closets that works for everyone, but a great starting point is to divide your closet into different zones. Personally, I organize my closet based on occasion and then further by type. For example, my office appropriate clothes are in zone 1 since I dress from that zone 5 days out of the week. zone 2 is dedicated to casual clothes (based on the season), zone 3 is dresses and formal wear, and zone 4 (the least accessible) is dedicated to casual clothes for the other seasons. Your zones will vary based on your needs and style, but here’s how to organize your closet by zones:

Zone 1: Your most accessible area, should be the clothes you wear most often

Zone 2: Still accessible, use this for the clothes you wear once a week or so

Zone 3: Somewhat accessible, use this for the clothes you wear once a month

Zone 4: Not easily accessible, should be for clothes you aren’t planning on wearing for a few months

Other great ways to organize your closet include:

Start With a Good Base

Custom closets allow you to start with a good foundation. By custom designing your closet, you ensure that there is adequate storage for your belongings. This creates a set space for everything you own including large or uniquely shaped items. If custom closets are not possible for you, the rest of these custom closet organizer ideas can still be applied to your current closet.

Color Me Organized

If your closet has a lot of hanging space, organizing your clothes by color combines aesthetic and function. This trick has been known to motivate people to maintain this level of organization since it is easy to see when something is out of place.


How to Organize Your Closet (and Keep It That Way)


Organizing your closet by classification of clothes (shirts, pants, jackets, ect.) is fairly straightforward. This method is useful for people who find the question “how to organize your closet” intimidating.

Phase 3: Keeping It Organized

Even though your closet is organized, it is surprisingly easy for your closet to quickly revert back to its original state. Here are a few ways to make sure your closet stays organized so you don’t find yourself googling “how to organize your closet” again in a few months.

Pick Your Outfit the Night Before

By picking out your outfit before you go to bed, you have time to put articles of clothing back where they belong instead of the classic morning phrase “I’ll do it after work.” Not only will this buy you more time in the morning, but it will keep your closet more organized.

Put Your Laundry Away Right Away

Personally, I’m guilty of folding my laundry and just leaving it on top of my desk chair until I need something from the pile. Setting aside 10 minutes after you take your laundry out of the dryer to put things away in their proper place keeps clothes from ending up everywhere but the closet.

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