We have recently included a variety of Blum drawer slide options in our showroom closets. Blum drawer slides can further elevate any closet design and we are excited to start implementing them in our closets. Below you’ll find some of our favorite options but the entire collection can be found here

Soft Close Tip-On

TIP-ON is an excellent solution for opening handleless doors and drawers. The mechanical opening feature allows you to simply push on the door or drawer front to open it. You can quickly adjust it so that your doors open perfectly every time. TIP-ON is easy to install because you don’t need any additional space in the cabinet and you don’t have to remove the drawer to make adjustments. The soft close feature is a great addition to any storage solution that is used often and is already integrated into most Blum slide options. Whether large or small, heavy or light, Blum soft closing action keeps doors and drawers from slamming closed.

Soft Close Tip-On Servo

SERVO-DRIVE is a low voltage electronic opening feature for Blum drawers. By combining this feature with the silent and effortless closing action of the soft close system, we have taken perfecting motion to a new level. You will be amazed by the quality and ease of use. Doors can open with a single touch. Even large and heavy doors open with ease, and they close again with press the of a button. Similarly, drawers seem to open by themselves with a single touch or a light pull of the handle. They close again softly and effortlessly.

Blum Legrabox

Getting dressed in the morning should be an enjoyable experience, but often, the closet becomes a place of chaos. This drawer system allows you to create a functional space without sacrificing style. LEGRABOX has beautiful slim lines and you can mix or match materials with stainless steel or Orion gray. You can choose your own custom drawer fronts from our 300+ options to customize your look – the possibilities are endless.  With its timeless and stylish design, LEGRABOX metal drawer systems help harmonize the overall look of the space. From sleek and metropolitan, to rustic and farmhouse, LEGRABOX is a functional design choice that allows plenty of creativity to still shine through.

Visit our showroom at 990 S Rogers Cir. Boca Raton, Fl. 33487 to see these drawer options in action!

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