This year’s Salone de Mobile & Euro Cucina, also know as the Milan Furniture Fair, saw over 4,000 attendees spread throughout 14 pavilions. The Milan Furniture Fair offers designers to showcase the innovative and creative designs in furniture. Here are some of our favorite trends we noticed.

Darker Tones Rule the Show

The color black seemed to dominate the show. Whether is was a pairing of black and gold, black and tan, or black and off-white, the color black was everywhere. One closet that particularly stood out featured a closet with brown drawers and smokey glass. Accompanying the rise of dark closets, gold hardware also grew in popularity. Some cabinets even has purposefully exposed gold hinges for decorative purposes only. Milan Furniture Fair Trends

Daring Colors

An unexpected trend we found was the rise of seafoam green. Available as a melamine option, seafoam green make for an excellent accent color. Another bold color seen at the fair was yellow. Mainly, bright yellow. Similar to the dominance of gold, yellow is works with the hardware and completes a project that needs a warm and bright pop. Milan Furniture Fair Trends

Unconventional Hardware

Hardware played a main role this year, showing heavily in brushed and antiqued golds and darker metals. Further distancing itself from the norm, designers also explored the concept of asymmetrical placement. Fashion powerhouse, Fendi, showed off this trend of strong and stylish hardware. Milan Furniture Fair Trends

Additional Trends

With so many innovative designers in one place, it would be impossible for us to showcase every emerging trend we like. A few other design features that we enjoyed were the use of leather doors and drawers, horizontal design elements, and the use of dark metals.

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