The home office may be a work area, but it is also a personal space that can be personalized and designed to boost your work habits. Though a home office can be tucked away in a number of different places within the home, it makes sense to create custom closet designs as storage solutions for essential papers and items to help increase organization and productivity. Regardless of the amount of time that is spent here, comfortable and clean surroundings will not only improve efficiency but will also showcase your personal style.

Work Cabinet – Depending on the space available, you could either go for a customized work area with a roll-top desk built into the wall or a simple one with a writing table and drawers built into both sides. Many houses people with custom closets in Miami customize their home offices to save time on their commute and have a cool place to work indoors without having to even leave their house.

Book cabinet – The home office can become a library during evening hours or a study area, so why not set up a large bookshelf against the wall with separate sections for books? We have clients with Miami Beach contemporary closets who work from home during the day and at night use their office as a personal library with separate book cabinets for work and pleasure.

Display type file cabinet – If you are the type that keeps forgetting the location of important files, then opt for a file cabinet that has glass doors to make it easy to access materials when they’re needed.

Accessory/Tool cabinet – For people that are likely to use the home office as an area for doing arts and crafts and are in Miami – custom closets are an excellent option. Built with top quality wood, your cabinets can be personalized with custom-sized drawers and niches to accommodate all tools and accessories.

Storage cabinet – This is an important part of every home office which can be used to keep extra stationery, equipment and accessories that are used for work. Sometimes these can also be used as a vault to secure important documents related to business agreements, deals and more.

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