3 of the Best Wine Collections Across the World

People collect wine for different reasons. Sometimes, wines can be an emotional souvenir – you may buy a bottle of wine to hold on to a memory that it represents. Wine collections can also be a status symbol for some people looking to buy their way into high society. For others, fine wines are an investment. But for the most part, people collect wine because they love to drink their wine of choice when they feel like! Regardless of the reasons, if you want exceptional bottles of wine to remain drinkable for a long time, custom wine cellars are a must. Here are some interesting cellars we want to share:

The French Presidential Wine Collection:

At 140,000 bottles, the French presidential wine collection may not be as huge compared to some of the other collections around the world, but what makes them unique is their rarity – some are so precious, they are considered a national treasure and protected by an armored door. For the first time in 2018, palace officials threw open the doors to a lucky group of 350 people for a tour around the massive cellar.

The Milestii Mici Wine Collection:

The world’s biggest collection of wine isn’t in France but in a small village called Milestii Mici in Moldova. Their wine collection is so vast; it’s is almost an underground wine city! The cellar comprising of 250 kilometers of a complex maze of streets (aptly named after wine types) has more than 2 million bottles. Visitors need a car to drive through the extensive winery for an hour-long tour, at the end of which you also get to sample some of their wines.

Hotel de Paris Wine Collection:

When it was inaugurated in 1874 by Marie Blanc, the Hotel de Paris wine cellar has the biggest collection of wines in the world. Today, this enormous cellar has around 600,000 bottles, including some rare wines. Such is their collection that during the Second World War, part of the cellar was sealed to hide 20,000 wine bottles along with some rare silverware. You don’t have to have a massive wine collection to deserve a custom wine cellar. If you want to protect your wines, you can get your own custom wine cellar today!

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