3 Reasons Why People Collect Wine For many people, wine collecting starts unwittingly. It often begins with buying a bottle or two for dinner and then gradually proceeds to buying a couple more vintage bottles. Before you know, you have a custom wine cellar stocked with all your favorites!

So why do people collect wine? What makes people spend a few thousand dollars for a single bottle of rare vintage wine?

Wine Collection as an Investment

It is not uncommon for people to invest in moderately inexpensive wines with the hope that their value will rise in the long term. These are called investment grade wines and make up for around 1% of the world’s total wine supply. Some of the wines under this category include wines from the regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and Tuscany. These wines are usually graded ‘classics’ by noted wine publications and reach their peak maturity at least 10 years after their bottling. But their quality largely depends on how well they’re stored. If you’re into investment-grade wines, remember to invest in custom wine cellars.

Wine Collection as a Hobby

Just as some people collect stamps and others collect coins, there are a few true wine lovers who love to collect wines. They don’t limit their purchase to a single bottle of wine; rather, they buy around 4 or 5 bottles of wine so that there’s enough to consume when they’re in a mood for it. And then there are people where collecting wine is an emotional decision. The wines they store could either be a gift, a souvenir from a journey, or related to an important event in their lives.

Wine Collecting for the Love of Wine

A majority of wine collectors are just people who love wine. They’d rather drink their wine for a special event than allow it to just collect dust. For such people, buying wines is a way of entertaining people with anecdotes of where and how the wine was purchased, why they love it, and share stories with friends while drinking it.

Whether you are a wine collector or an enthusiast, it makes sense to store wine bottles carefully with custom wine cellars. Contact us to start planning your own custom wine cellar today!

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