Working around retail storage solutions can be tricky; while limited space means less storage options, too much space can make your store look empty. Managing retail space is crucial; the financial consequences of doing it wrong can be disastrous.

What are the essential factors store managers should consider when designing storage space?

These are some factors we consider when providing retail storage solutions for our clients:

Clockwise or Counter-clockwise

Did you know 90% of Americans turn right when they enter a store? That’s probably because we shop the way we drive!

Or, it could be because a majority of the population is right-handed and hence impulsively turn right. This side of the store is paid a lot of attention and is often used for promotional displays and product exposure. Store traffic is generally designed to flow from the right to the left.

Grid, Herringbone, Loop, or Free-flow

Store layouts lay the foundation for effective retail storage solutions. Four layouts are commonly used: grid, herringbone, loop, and free-flow.

The grid layout is ideal for stores with a lot of varied merchandise. This is the most common layout in America; most pharmacies, convenience stores, and grocery stores use this layout.

The herringbone layout works when you have a long narrow retail space and is perfect for warehouse-style shops.

The loop layout ensures that customers pass all your merchandise ensuring maximum product exposure.

As for the free-flow layout, it encourages the customer to wander off and is perfect for high-end stores with less merchandise.

Encourage Customers to Slow Down

Slowing customers down encourages impulse buying. This can sometimes be done by removing the effect of windows – i.e., you disconnect them from the outside world which encourages them stay in the store longer.

You can also create speed bumps by placing signage about promotional offers and discount displays.

If you are a retailer looking to improve your storage space or need the perfect retail storage solution for a new store, call us!

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