Lavish walk-in closets aren’t just the staple of a master bedroom; they’ve become an essential part of kids’ bedrooms as well. From boutique-style shoe racks, glass-shelving, and accessory drawers to practical requirements like baskets and chalkboards, custom closets have everything that a kid needs – but on a slightly grander scale.

If you’re looking for high-end custom closets in Miami Beach for your children, we list some of the essentials to keep in mind.

Storage Needs Should Meet the Child’s Needs at Every Age

Look for designs that can accommodate the child’s growing needs. For example, cubbies that were used to store the child’s diapers can later be used to store the child’s shoes. Later, they can be used to store the child’s books and stationery. And when your child is in his or her teens, use the space to store their gadgets and sports equipment.

Ensure That Things are Accessible

As custom closet designers, we also ensure that our closets are built at the child’s current eye-level. This makes it easy for them to manage things on their own without help.

For example, shelves with socks, coats, and undergarments will be placed within their reach. If the custom closet is for a teen, the design should allow for shirts, pants, and jackets to hang separately so that it’s easy for them to pick and choose daily outfits.

Make Provisions for Privacy

Your toddler does not need privacy now but will in his or her teen years. Include cabinets to store important and personal items so that they don’t have to hide things around the house. This also helps to keep things organized and clutter-free.

At JL Closets, we love designing spaces that will improve both your children’s and your lives!

Whether you’re looking to modify your kid’s closet or need a new custom closet installed for yourself, call us – we’re the best Miami Beach custom closets company!

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