Researchers have found that nearly 83% of the information we receive is gotten through our sense of sight—that is why store owners try and optimize every inch of their stores. The trick to increasing sales is knowing the audience and encouraging customers to shop. If you’re looking to boost sales and maximize merchandising, JL Closets in Miami is the perfect choice. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Use The Right Retail Storage Solutions

While there are plenty of retail storage solutions available, JL Closets in Miami makes an effort to understand the best option for your goods. For example, if your merchandise includes small items or components, bin shelving to keep things organized is often ideal. If you’re looking for something elaborate, a color-coded rotatable storage cabinet may be more ideal. And for those in the fashion industry, hanging bays are easier to access and perfect for what you need. You’ll also be helping your staff spend little time on the shop floor, which prevents clothes from wrinkling easily.

  1. Use Light Effectively

Lighting can be used effectively to guide shoppers towards an area or product that you’d like to highlight. There are different elements in lighting composition; primary lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. While primary lighting helps illuminate the entire store, accent lighting is used to focus on a specific area. Or you could go with ambient lighting, which helps to create a unique effect.

  1. Understanding Space Layout

The biggest challenge when organizing office layouts is ensuring that you don’t cram too many items in one area while making sure everything fits. At JL Closets in Miami, our retail storage solutions encourage customers to check out everything that’s available.

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