Are you thinking about adding a custom closet or looking to improve storage in your house? Rather than choose a run-of-the-mill company, it makes sense to choose a company specializing in customized closets. But installing a custom closet isn’t easy.  It’s not just price; there are several other things you should consider. We list some for you:

  • Do The Designers Listen Or Actually Hear Your Plans

Listening to the customer is the best way to ensure client satisfaction. We don’t just take an inventory of your items, we also measure the space to maximize it; that is why we promise a free consultation. While there are companies offering custom closets in Miami, you should always go with a company that will give you a free consultation to make sure they’re designs will match exactly what you need. We’ll review the design with a 3D rendering of your custom closet and help you visualize the closet.

  • Do They Give Preference To Quality

Look for companies that offer a wide range of finishes and also for companies that explain benefits besides just the price difference. At JL Closets, we not only offer more than 200 different materials and color options, but every item is customized and not picked from an international catalog. Doing this allows us to make last minute adjustments, rather than having to wait for months until the replacement arrives. In-house manufacturing ensures not only superior quality but also guarantees excellent customer service.

  • Professional Quality Installation

In a professionally managed company, installation is always done by skilled technicians. They’ll not only prepare the space before installation, but they’ll also install the closet piece by piece. Once the job’s completed, we’ll clean away the debris leaving the space ready to use.

  • Committed To Customer Service

At JL Closets, customers are the center of our business model. We have won the Best of Houzz Award for Excellent Customer Service! Look for companies offering to address your problems promptly and ensure a stress-free experience.

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