How To Organize Your Garage Like A Pro

Of all the rooms in a house, people are often the least eager to show off their garage. It’s the same story everywhere! From your sports equipment to the camping gear, anything and everything that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else finds its way to the garage. And when you’re desperately looking for something, you pull everything out and then push it back like a pile of junk! But there are exceptions: people who keep their garage organized and clean. If you want your garage to look like those that you’ve often seen in home improvement magazines, here’s how to go about it:

  1. Invest in Garage Storage Closets:

Over the years, we have helped countless clients keep their garage organized with customized garage storage closets. They are tailor-made to match your requirements and offer optimum functionality.  They are especially essential if you’re going to do a lot of projects in the garage and they’re perfect for hidden storage as well. Garage storage closets save floor space and reduce the risk of damage caused by water.

  1. Make a List of Things That Do and Don’t Go in the Garage:

While organizing, sort all the things in the garage into two different piles: things that can be kept in the garage and things that shouldn’t be kept there. For example, paint shouldn’t be kept inside because heat or cold could ruin it. Similarly, dangerous items like propane tanks shouldn’t be stored inside; nor should you keep a refrigerator inside for it could start a fire. Pet foods don’t belong in the garage because they attract critters. But a fire extinguisher is a must.

  1. Label Everything:

Labels are your best friend if you love organizing. Rather than ransacking countless boxes to look for something, it makes so much sense to label your boxes meticulously. You could also invest in a label maker.

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