Custom closets are an essential element of a home which utilizes perfect home storage solutions. They’re time savers because you don’t have to rummage through a pile of clothes every morning. They’re also spacers, as in they prevent clutter from overtaking the house. But to get the most out of these custom closets, it’s important to install one that’s suited right for your storage needs. We list some of the most common custom closet types for you:

  1. Walk-In Closets

walk-in closet is the best choice for people looking to store everything in one room, including clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. As the name suggests, you can practically walk in to choose what to wear. No wonder some of the clients choose not only to store their clothes but even showcase some of their prized accessories! Since you will be using the entire room, there are plenty of design options you can choose. Some walk-in closets have an island unit installed to help them with wardrobe planning and even double up as storage space. Understanding the Different Types of Custom Closets

  1. Reach-in Closets

Reach-in closets are also popular, but they are smaller in size when compared to a walk-in closet. While they are ideally designed to hang clothes from a rod, a creative custom closets designer can combine different storage options and use clever positioning to maximize space, making these multi-functional. For example, hanging organizers can be used to arrange accessories. Reach-in closets are perfect for guest bedrooms or rooms where space is likely to be a constraint.

Understanding the Different Types of Custom Closets

  1. Wardrobe Closet

Wardrobes are usually freestanding closets and aren’t built into the walls. They were very popular once, but not so much now. However, we do suggest a built-in custom wardrobe closet to clients with limited storage space. They’re also ideal if you would like to add storage space and want it to merge seamlessly with your existing décor. These are ideal for additional rooms or they can be added to the guest bedroom. Which contemporary closet style works for you? Call us now for a free consultation; we’ll help you choose one!

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