3 Essentials for Every GarageWalk down any suburban neighborhood in or around Boca Raton on a late Saturday afternoon and you’ll find men in their garage tinkering about—they’re either busy with some DIY project, changing the oil in their car, or trying to fix a broken electrical gadget. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing because they’re always happy to be there! If you’re planning to set up a garage that’s worth showing off to friends and family, here is a list of essentials that you should keep:

Garage Storage Closets

Storage cabinets for the garage help to protect your equipment and tools and ensure that they last longer. These closets also make it easy for you to find things. Rather than buy ready-made cabinets, hire a professional to custom-build garage storage closets that are designed specifically to meet your needs and space constraints. This way it becomes easier to keep the garage clean and organized all year long.


If you love to build things and use your spare time to indulge in some do-it-yourself projects, a workbench is an absolute essential. It also helps to store tools and accessories. At JL Closets, we can create a customized workbench that’s designed to your specifications and tastes.

Proper Lighting

Proper lighting can make working in the garage comfortable and easy. If you’re planning to spend time in the garage, don’t just limit lighting to a few incandescent bulbs that hang from the ceiling. Ambient lighting helps to brighten the place uniformly while task lighting can be used for specific places. For example, use fixtures just above your workbench or use them underneath wall cabinets to highlight the work surface. For more information on customized storage cabinets for the garage, call us now!

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