Additional storage is always a plus. Whether you own a tiny home or you’re trying to organize the space you have, there are plenty of storage solutions, both homemade and store-bought, that take up little or no floor space. Unleash your home’s true storage potential with these unique upgrades—these let you stay organized and they’ll make your life a little easier. From wine racks to built-in bookcases, these ideas are designed to maximize your space, no matter how little the square footage is.

Wine Racks

Humidity, temperature, movement, and lighting conditions help wine mature properly. If you love wine and have a couple of bottles you’d like to age in optimal conditions, there are several ways to store wine without taking up additional floor space. Wine coolers and refrigerators can stock wine short-term, whereas wine racks are used for storing a large amount of wine for an extended period. Install in a well-designed wine rack, one made from materials like steel, acrylic, or wood. Wine racks can either be floor based or mounted to the walls, depending on your tastes and preferences. Wine racks, glass holders, countertops, wine cellars, rustic wine racks, wine bottle holders, and wine cabinets are some of the major wine-related fixtures that can be constructed easily in homes. These can be attractive additions to your living room, kitchen, or lounge.

Custom Wardrobe Closets

Whether you have a small, medium, or large wardrobe, the right closet system can save you time and money. Hire a professional designer to build custom wardrobe closets, that way you can effectively store clothes. Invest in hanging garment racks; they don’t take up an inch of floor space. Place a hutch in the center of your wardrobe to divide your clothing: business on one side and casual on the other. Include deep drawers to ensure an uncluttered space. If you have an impressive shoe collection, try an open shelving unit—they’re great for placing your shoes in a neat formation. Be a little creative and add charm and personality to your closet by installing a wallpaper that makes it look attractive. Include additional shelves at the bottom of your wardrobe for storing hats, purses, or essentially whatever you want. Try adding small dressers, those that come with a mirror, to your custom closets to increase storage space.

Adjustable Wall-Mounted Shelves

You can include wall-mounted shelves in every room of your home, such as the kitchen, bedrooms, living spaces, dining areas, etc. Build artistic, modular, and flexible shelves that come in geometric patterns—these are great for placing books, electronic devices, and small potted plants. These add a nice decorative touch and can be mounted at any height; they also are made to fit a variety of decors, spaces, and settings. The primary function of the simple and stylish wall-mounted piece is to not take up any floor space. They are versatile and space-efficient, which means they’re great for small apartments and small areas in general. You can customize these shelves with built-in LED lights to create a sophisticated appearance.

Built-In Bookcases

Does hours spent snuggling after a long work day sound great? Create an ideal setup by installing a built-in bookcase, one that covers an entire living room wall. The grid of open shelving highlights your collections of books and art. You can also build a pair of bookshelves on the doorway to create a cohesive look. Consider a custom open shelving unit, one that can accommodate a TV, books, and other objects. Bookshelves with rolling ladders focus on floor-to-ceiling shelving and they’re great if you’re trying to rearrange books or create a new look for every season. Add a decorative base and crown molding to create some welcoming vibes. Install lighting above the bookcase and paint the frames in different shades for an impactful look. High-gloss finishes work well in bookcases—use them to ensure a gorgeous makeover of the living space. Give your home marvelous appeal and construct these creative upgrades. Display your personality through design—you’ll make your home a better place to live.

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