JL Closets at Amrit Ocean Resort and Residence


We at JL Closets recently completed the closets in the model unit at the Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences. Amrit Ocean is a recent addition to Florida’s Singer Island. It contains 198 luxurious oceanfront homes in two graceful white towers. The concept for this exclusive residence was inspired by, founder of renowned ESPA in partnership with the Himalayan Institute, one of the leaders in holistic health. Amrit Ocean is a community dedicated to mindful living and wellness. We believe our closet designs were a perfect match to the beautiful and modern Amrit Ocean homes. The closets followed a contemporary design, featuring a white, deep textured melamine.

Our closets come with custom installed LED lighting to make it easy for residents to find what they need and keep it all organized. For these closets, we wanted to bring the light, clean grace of Amrit Ocean’s architecture into the homes. We kept to a silver, white, and blue color palette that makes efficient and smart use of space. The residences where these closets were installed, seek to promote physical health and mindfulness from the time someone steps inside to get ready for the day to the moment they put away their shoes at its end. The Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences units are currently on sale and we encourage you to take a look at the model in person. The quality and style of our closets in Amrit Ocean is our goal for every job and we would be delighted to help you build the ultimate closet space.


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