JL Closets is now offering quartz countertops in a range of styles and colors. On the luxury side, JL Closets offers Cambria stones, some of the most beautiful high-quality countertops in the world. Cambria produces excellent stone surface in many different colors, from modern white to classic grey. Cambria has countertops for any style, which fit in perfectly and last a lifetime. The Cambria countertops are wonderful complements for your closet. Their quality is simply unmatched, allowing for years and years of use while still looking great.

A Cambria countertop can be custom-cut to fit your closet space for putting on makeup, displaying jewelry, and more. You won’t ever have to worry about repainting or replacing one of these countertops. They stand up to regular wear very well, without risk for divots or dips even ten years from installation. Because we custom craft every closet design, JL Closets can help you select the perfect Cambria countertop for your need and taste.

Our experts will help install your countertop perfectly. We have years of experience and being able to work with Cambria is a great opportunity to help take our craftsmanship to the next level. We have a number of countertops on display in our showroom, so stop by to see (and feel) what we can offer. Contact us today to see how we can help add a beautiful Cambria or other Quartz countertops to your home.

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