Who doesn’t love an organized home? They bring a sense of peace and help release the stress people constantly experience in work and other areas of life. If you have a problem with clutter and you’re looking to bring in some organization to the home, closets can be a great start. But should you pick a DIY closet from a retail store or hire a closet designer to design a custom closet? Here are a few questions to help you decide:

Do you have the time and energy for a DIY project?

DIY closets are usually wall-mounted, meaning you’ll have to install them yourself with all the necessary tools. Not just that but installing a wall-mounted closet isn’t easy—you will need advanced skills and plenty of time. If DIY is your passion, however, and you have the time to manage the project, go ahead! Custom closets are designed by professional designers who’ve gone through special training. From designing a 3D model of the closet to building and installing the closet, a company specializing in custom closets will do everything for you.

What about quality and finishing?

Custom closets don’t just save time but money as well. Wall-mounted closets are designed to go all the way to the floor; in other words, you don’t have a say as far as depth and width of the shelves and cabinets is concerned. But with custom closets, you can ensure that every inch of space is used. These closets are designed to accommodate your needs, style, and space requirements. At JL Closets, we manufacture everything at our South Florida studio using more than 200 different materials and color options. Installation is easy and adjustments can be made on the spot.

What about product quality?

The problem with store-bought DIY closets is that you don’t have control over product quality, nor do you have any say regarding the closet’s design. Some stores allow some customization—you can choose and alter components, but your options are still limited. Also, you can never be sure about how a product will arrive. The internet is full of complaints that talk about components arriving with cracks and other defects. And to replace a component, you will have to wait at least two to three weeks until the replacement is shipped. But with custom closets, any changes can be made instantly.

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