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Does your closet look like a war zone every weekend, forcing you to spend hours searching for the right clothes, accessories, and shoes? Are you late for events and special occasions with friends and family because you can’t get ready in time? To make sure situations like these never happen again, organize your closet by first throwing out non-essential items. And when you organize, you’ll also rediscover long-forgotten outfits. Here are five worthwhile tips to consider before organizing your closet:

Use a customized storage plan

Whether you’re organizing a walk-in closet, a doorless cupboard, and dresser, or a combination of things, you need to organize while keeping comfort in mind. Remember to keep work clothes away from casual wear to avoid chaos during the mornings when you have to get ready for work, and use glass-topped drawers or open shelves for jewelry, accessories, and shoes so you can find these items easily.

Labeled baskets and hooks

Instead of folding accessories (belts, ties, scarves, hats, socks) and stacking them in heaps, you should keep these items inside neatly labeled baskets. Doing this will allow you to find the items you want whenever you want them, and you won’t have to rummage through your closet to find what you’re looking for. Hooks behind doors or on the rear ends of closets can be used to hang accessories like artificial jewelry, eyewear, and bags.

Organizers / Dividers

Even the best custom closet systems have a hard time organizing a whole family’s wardrobe, and this is largely why these systems are utilized by individuals rather than whole families. Closets that belong to children and young adults are typically chaotic, usually because there are too many things to store. If you have too many things to store, use acrylic dividers and metal organizers on wide shelves to separate different items into neat stacks. Organizers are great if you don’t want your closet to look like a rubbish heap.

Staggered clothes hangers

Are you having trouble finding the clothes you want because there are too many items in your closet? Try using staggered clothes hangers, that way each inch of space in the wardrobe closet is utilized. These hangers provide several height options for hanging, allowing for easy separation of clothes according to height or type. Ensure long items do not drag on the floor and short items are easily findable with these hangers.

Keep clothes you use often up front

If you keep the clothes you wear on a regular basis in the middle of the closet and at eye level, selecting these items takes no time at all, especially on busy mornings. Partywear and clothes for special occasions should be stacked below or above the clothes you use often.

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