5 Things To Remember When Organizing A Kid’s Closet

by admin, February 15, 2018
There are two essentials to organizing a kid’s closet – accessibility and ease of use. Children should be able to access everything in their closet easily. The closet should be designed so that arranging and rearranging can be done quickly. If you are looking for custom kids’ closet ideas, here are five things to remember before you go ahead with the design:

1. The closet should be easy to use:

Children are more likely to keep their closet tidy when you incorporate bins and boxes so that they can just put things away and not worry about arranging them neatly. Divide the closet with an imaginary horizontal line – include all essentials like shoes, everyday clothes, accessories, etc. below the line so that they’re completely accessible.

2. Look for time-saving design ideas:

Ask your designer to implement designs that make it easy for kids to get dressed in the morning. Label everything in the closet so that the child can find it easy to put things back. This helps children to get dressed up in the morning with little fuss.

3. Go for two or more levels of hanging rods:

Kids have trouble folding clothes. Use two or more rows of hanging rods so that you not only get to maximize space but also ensure that the clothes are easy to arrange. You could have a separate row for tees, skirts, jeans, etc. And a row for special occasion clothes as well!

4. Include a hamper:

A hamper makes it easy for them to manage their dirty clothes and keep their room tidy at all times.

5. Go for custom closets:

Custom kids closets not only help maximize space, but they’re also easy to adapt as the child grows. Ask your designer if they could install adjustable shelves so that they can be adjusted at a later stage to match their requirements.

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