Who wouldn’t want to own an elaborate dressing room, one with luxury closets and walls lined with expensive designer clothes, shoes, and accessories? Owning a dream dressing room is possible, but only if you can identify your needs during the design process—you’ll need to be able to store all your essentials in the best possible way. The toughest part of creating a dressing room is planning its design. Make sure the customized closet systems are exceptional, for these are equally important as other essentials like mirrors, dressers, and seating areas. Here are five additional tips to help you:

Understand Your Needs

Use walk-in closets, open shelves, dressers, and drawers to satisfy your storage requirements. Also, consider dividing work clothes and casual clothes, optimizing shoe storage, using safe lockers for expensive jewelry, and keeping storage systems for accessories like bags and belts. Consider all these aspects before designing a dressing room.

Light It Up

Lighting is a key part of any great dressing room. Use effective lighting to illuminate items inside your closet, and also use lighting outside to create an appealing ambiance. A dressing room is a place where clothes and accessories are enjoyed, so you should use lights to help create this feeling. A luxurious chandelier should be hung from the ceiling, and both strategically fitted spotlights and track lights should be used to ensure you don’t miss any clothes or accessories. Remember, lighting is one of the main aspects that makes wardrobe closets so entrancing!

Personalize It

Personalize a dressing room by including beautiful finishes like antique handles, monogrammed drawers, and sliding glass doors. These are great with custom closet systems, especially when velvet inlaid jewelry drawers are used as well. Also, upholstered sofas and ottomans are elegant furniture pieces that you can use to review clothes, examine jewelry, and try on shoes and accessories.

Walk-in Closets

Closets are the main storage areas in dressing rooms. But when you have a walk-in closet that has a built-in island at its center, the island is the main focus—after all, it enhances the dressing room’s overall utility. While the closet can be used for hanging clothes, the glass-topped island can be used for storing jewelry and other accessories. Also, walk-in closets that have mirrors on the doors are great—you can check your appearance from head to toe before heading out.

Vanity Area

A dressing room is incomplete without a vanity area, one that includes a freestanding vanity and mirror, comfortable seats, a dresser, and spotlights overhead. The dresser’s drawers should have built-in dividers so all cosmetics and other essential accessories can be stored with ease. Designing a beautiful dream closet is exciting for many reasons. For one, a dream closet improves your home’s value, and this is important if you ever consider selling the home. But most importantly, a dream closet helps you stay organized!