5 Tips to Help You Organize Your Closet

by admin, April 20, 2018
Being organized has its benefits; it saves time, saves space, and even helps you keep things clean. There is little more rewarding than finding your clothes nice and organized every time you step inside the closet. If you’re tired of wasting time trying to find things, here’s how you can organize your closet:
  • Declutter:
Decluttering is a win-win for everyone. While you get to make space for new clothes, someone else gets to wear the ones you decide to donate or sell.
  • Organize clothes item-wise and then color code them:
The general advice is to color code clothes, but finding things is easier when you organize them by clothing type. For example, if you need a red top, it’s easier to look for the item first and then pick the color. But everyone has their own preferences; some sort clothes by season and some by occasion (formal, casuals, cocktail, etc.)
  • Invest in a custom closet:
When you have a place for everything, it’s easy for everything to be in its place. Custom closets are designed to match a person’s space and lifestyle. From accessories and shoes to clothes, there’s a designated place for everything.
  • Keep things within reach:
Except for the items that you very rarely need to wear, keep all your clothes within easy reach. Or invest in a step stool so that it is easier for you to reach the top shelves. This is especially true for accessories so that you don’t have to waste time rummaging through your jewelry box.
  • Organize your shoes:
If you love fashion, you’ll surely have a huge shoe collection. Shoes tend to take up a lot of space, but avoid piling them in a heap. Instead, line them up neatly on shoe shelves and remember to keep them off the floor.

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