Four Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Garage

Garages are no longer dumping grounds for unwanted machinery and tools of yore—they are now work areas for DIY activities like carpentry, gardening, and minor automobile repair. But without planning, these multifunctional areas become clutter zones. Here are some easy-to-adopt garage storage ideas that make everyone happy; employ these and … Continue reading

Five Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

Home offices can be as organized as typical corporate offices—you just need to treat the home office like it’s a formal workplace and keep distractions at bay. To get work done in an area that may sometimes seem lonely because no coworkers are around, you must feel happy and comfortable … Continue reading

Why You Should Pick a Family Business for Your Custom Closets

A cluttered home causes stress, and living in clutter can take a toll on your health. This has been found time and again by researchers; in fact, Princeton University researchers recently found that clutter affects your ability to focus. Custom closets are great for keeping things organized and they’ll help … Continue reading

4 Specialty Rooms That’ll Help You Save Time and Space

Specialty rooms are now trending in the custom closets industry. Wine rooms, mudrooms, entryways, game rooms, dance studios, and even dog rooms are all examples of specialty rooms. Also, you don’t have to be wealthy to afford these—specialty rooms are typically requested by clients who want to make the most … Continue reading

Must Have Features for Your Walk-In Closet

Do you feel your walk-in closet lacks adequate space for all your essentials? Would a few extra shelves on one side create more room for shoes? Would a couple of drawers with dividers be great for keeping accessories in an organized manner? A customized walk-in closet with both the right … Continue reading

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