3 Reasons Why People Collect Wine

For many people, wine collecting starts unwittingly. It often begins with buying a bottle or two for dinner and then gradually proceeds to buying a couple more vintage bottles. Before you know, you have a custom wine cellar stocked with all your favorites! So why do people collect wine? What … Continue reading

3 of the Best Wine Collections Across the World

People collect wine for different reasons. Sometimes, wines can be an emotional souvenir – you may buy a bottle of wine to hold on to a memory that it represents. Wine collections can also be a status symbol for some people looking to buy their way into high society. For … Continue reading

Why Custom Closets Are Ideal For All Bedrooms In The House

Bedrooms should be neat and organized to offer tranquility and peace. Instead of accepting bedroom storage solutions as they currently are, you should take the help of a professional to design them to suit your needs. We help people looking for custom closets in Miami by tailoring them for the … Continue reading

5 Custom Closet Ideas For Your Home Office

The home office may be a work area, but it is also a personal space that can be personalized and designed to boost your work habits. Though a home office can be tucked away in a number of different places within the home, it makes sense to create custom closet … Continue reading

Milan Furniture Fair Trends

This year’s Salone de Mobile & Euro Cucina, also know as the Milan Furniture Fair, saw over 4,000 attendees spread throughout 14 pavilions. The Milan Furniture Fair offers designers to showcase the innovative and creative designs in furniture. Here are some of our favorite trends we noticed.  Darker Tones Rule the … Continue reading

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