4 Tips to Keep the Pantry Clean and Organized

Organizing things in the pantry is just half the job; keeping it clean is the real challenge! If you are one among the many cleaning their pantry every Sunday only to find it in a mess on Friday, this blog is for you! Read further to know how to keep … Continue reading

3 Tips to Organize Your Pantry

If you love to keep things organized, a kitchen pantry organizer is a must! At JL Closets, we have been helping people organize their kitchen essentials to save them time and money. If you have a pantry organizer and are looking for tips to arrange things, read ahead: Create Zones … Continue reading

5 Reasons To Put a Custom Closet in Your Home

Are you on the fence about adding a custom closet to your home? Closets can make or break a home. Here are 5 reasons why your home should have a custom closet! Walk-In Closets Increase Home Value These days, if you want to sell your home, you need impressive closets. … Continue reading

Our Favorite Closet Trends of 2018

Just like clothes, closets can go out of style. JL Closets is passionate about providing stylish and modern custom closets. With a constantly expanding market of custom closets, it’s no wonder that trends are always changing. Here are our favorite closet trends from this year so far! Drawers, Drawers, Drawers  … Continue reading

Wall Units with Decorators Unlimited

          Unlike typical cabinet companies, JL Closets builds custom wall units on site. This allows us to quickly make adjustments to create the perfect wall unit for you. We offer a full range of colors and materials selections with over 300 options. Our units are completely … Continue reading

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