From 5000 to 2500 sq feet. How do you fit everything?

When clients come to us with a project where they are downsizing their homes, our designers’ extensive training and experience truly shines. We recently worked with a client who had a true challenge, how do you cut your living space in half yet fit all of your clothes?    Please … Continue reading

Lighthouse Point – From Master Closet Idea to Reality

We frequently work with custom home builders and interior designers and we recently had the pleasure of working with Rosner Luxury Home Builders on a second project. The location was a $7m, 6300 sq foot home on the water and the closets needed to make a statement as eye catching … Continue reading

DIY Closets vs. Custom Closets

Who doesn’t love an organized home? They bring a sense of peace and help release the stress people constantly experience in work and other areas of life. If you have a problem with clutter and you’re looking to bring in some organization to the home, closets can be a great … Continue reading

Understanding Different Closet Types

A custom closet can make life so much easier: they reduce clutter, lessen stress, and ensure efficiency. But to get the most out of your investment, it’s important to choose the right storage solution. If you’re planning to install custom closets and you’re not sure about which closets will be … Continue reading

Three Tips for Keeping Your Garage Clean and Organized

From unused toys to old and broken furniture, somehow every cleaning project ends with things being dumped in the garage. Not many people realize that the garage is far from an ideal storage space for all things unwanted. For example, a cluttered garage could be dangerous if there are propane … Continue reading

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