Must-Haves for Your Walk-In Closet

Every house needs a walk-in closet to store belongings in a neat and accessible manner. With custom-made walk-in closets, there are plenty of design details that can be incorporated for easy storage. Thoughtful details like mixed shelving, drawers with built-in organizers, and display stacks for cosmetics or jewelry can enhance … Continue reading

How Can Custom Closets Make Your Life Easier?

Finding the right closet that meets all of your storage needs is not easy. So often, people settle for readymade closet systems that don’t fit well in their homes or store enough of their items. Working with us to install custom closets in Boca Raton can be a life-changing experience. … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Custom Closet in Your Bedroom

Are you tired of readymade closets that don’t suit your storage needs, forcing you to buy additional shelves and baskets? Having the proper place for your belongings and being able to keep everything out of sight can make a home look better and its inhabitants feel better. Have you ever … Continue reading

What Do You Need to Know about Murphy Beds?

When visiting friends and family, you may have stayed in small apartments and used in-wall Murphy beds that were pulled down when it was time for bed. Murphy beds have been around a long time and were patented by William Lawrence Murphy in the1900s. He wanted to be able to … Continue reading

Modern Murphy Wall Beds: 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Murphy beds were very popular in the early twenty-first century because a housing shortage in the U.S. forced many people to live in small, compact homes. But the Murphy bed has undergone significant changes over the years. Today, modern Murphy beds use sophisticated dual-piston and spring-carriage systems, so both pulling … Continue reading

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