Luxury His and Hers walk-in closets in Wellington, FL

Our client wanted to ensure that this $10.5m house had closets as spectacular as the rest of the contemporary home. We built a bright closet in an imported super matte for her walk-in closet, which matches the white marble bathroom next door. The client requested a closet that is functional, … Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Murphy Beds

The first Murphy bed was invented more than a decade ago by William Murphy, who patented a folding bed he used to entertain guests in his small, one-room San Francisco apartment. Murphy’s bed could be folded and tucked into a closet, instantly transforming the bedroom into an open living room. … Continue reading

5 Tips For Creating Your Dream Dressing Room

Who wouldn’t want to own an elaborate dressing room, one with luxury closets and walls lined with expensive designer clothes, shoes, and accessories? Owning a dream dressing room is possible, but only if you can identify your needs during the design process—you’ll need to be able to store all your … Continue reading

5 Essential Closet Organization Ideas

Does your closet look like a war zone every weekend, forcing you to spend hours searching for the right clothes, accessories, and shoes? Are you late for events and special occasions with friends and family because you can’t get ready in time? To make sure situations like these never happen … Continue reading

Four Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Garage

Garages are no longer dumping grounds for unwanted machinery and tools of yore—they are now work areas for DIY activities like carpentry, gardening, and minor automobile repair. But without planning, these multifunctional areas become clutter zones. Here are some easy-to-adopt garage storage ideas that make everyone happy; employ these and … Continue reading

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