The first Murphy bed was invented more than a decade ago by William Murphy, who patented a folding bed he used to entertain guests in his small, one-room San Francisco apartment. Murphy’s bed could be folded and tucked into a closet, instantly transforming the bedroom into an open living room.

Today, Murphy beds can be designed and customized to meet spacial requirements and satisfy individual needs. At JL Closets, our closet designers create realistic renderings so clients can see how a modern Murphy bed would transform their space, and we can also discuss cabinet and shelving options; after all, everything should fit perfectly. If you’re on the fence about installing modern Murphy beds and you’d like to know more about these revolutionizing fixtures, read on!


Why You Should Purchase Modern Murphy Wall Beds
  • Space Savers
Modern Murphy beds take up wall space as opposed to floor space. When you have these beds, you don’t need a dedicated guest room, for any spare room can be converted into a guest room instantly. Who knew that an expansive shelf could double as a comfortable bed? And best of all, you don’t have to remove a single thing from the shelf if you want to use it as a bed.
  • Comfortable
Modern Murphy beds are far more comfortable than traditional Murphy beds. We use thick wood slats and customized slat holders to ensure a better sleeping experience. Unlike pullout sofa beds that come with a thin mattress, our customized wall beds can accommodate a comfortable mattress, ensuring a great night sleep to all who use them.
  • Simple
Modern Murphy beds come with a sophisticated locking mechanism, making them completely safe to use. Locking and unlocking these beds is easy, they’re easy to maneuver, and you can operate them with one hand. And with modern Murphy beds, you don’t have to worry about changing sheets—velcro strips ensure the bedding stays in place at all times.


Are There Different Kinds of Murphy Beds?


If you want to put a modern Murphy bed in your child’s room, you can select a single bed or a bunk bed. For guests, a traditional queen-size bed is preferred. Just make sure there’s enough floor space to accommodate the bed when it’s fully extended. Murphy beds are usually integrated into bookcases and cabinets, and some homeowners even build them into custom closets. These beds are also ideal for flats because you can turn a living room into a bedroom just by taking out the bed.


Call us to schedule a free design consultation if you’d like us to design a modern Murphy wall bed for you.

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