Closet Organization Ideas for a New Baby

by admin, May 15, 2020

Parenting is stressful, and for first-timers, it can be a big challenge if it is done by trial and error. As parents, you would want to give the best to your little one, so why not begin by having a custom closet in the nursery for all baby-related belongings. Having a dedicated closet will save you from the chaotic clutter that accompanies the arrival of your baby.

Basic Design: A closet system with a mix of drawers, display shelves, and cubbies is the best. You also want to make sure your design has adequate lighting, so you can easily see all of your items. This will ensure that all the items from essential clothing to disposables and small items have their own space and can be found easily.

Essential dividers: Use hangers that are the right size for your baby’s clothes and drawer inserts or partitions to keep essentials like socks, underwear, hats, and more in neat piles. Hooks behind the clothes hangers can be used to hang winter clothes or accessories. Use large storage hampers or baskets for toys at the bottom of the closet. 

Divide vertical space with multiple hanging rods: The size of your children’s clothes will keep changing, so the space in standard walk-in closets gets wasted if there is only a single hanging rod. For efficient use of space, divide the vertical hanging region into two or three levels and fit them with rods to hang up the baby’s clothes. Keep changing the position of the rods as the baby grows and arranges clothing at appropriate levels.

Accessible and convertible storage: When planning closets for children, look for designs that have a combination of drawers and shelves which are adjustable. Adjustable options can be removed to adjust shoes and accessories as the child grows and will ensure complete utilization of closet space even years after the closet is initially designed. Personalize the closet: Kids love personalized storage spaces, so customize their walk-in closets with personal touches like colorful dividers, nameplates, and bright tempered glass panes instead of standard bi-fold doors. You can also put in colorful stickers on the closet walls or replace regular drawer knobs with something cute or creative. These details will encourage them to put their stuff neatly in assigned spaces instead of stacking them in a messy heap.