Our Favorite Closet Trends of 2018

by admin, June 1, 2018
Just like clothes, closets can go out of style. JL Closets is passionate about providing stylish and modern custom closets. With a constantly expanding market of custom closets, it’s no wonder that trends are always changing. Here are our favorite closet trends from this year so far!
Our Favorite Closet Trends of 2018 Drawers, Drawers, Drawers 
Closed storage in a custom closet is a massive DRAW. Drawers provide an out-of-sight storage option while maintaining the sleek and elegant look of your custom closet. With over 300 drawer front option from JL Closets, we promise your drawers will fit in perfectly with your design ideas. 
LED Lighting
Good lighting can make or break your custom closet. Stop fumbling around in the dark to find the perfect shirt or your favorite necklace. A well-lit closet makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. Lighting can be used for functionality or to bring attention to your most prized possessions. Whatever your goal is, custom LED lighting can really elevate a custom closet. 
Our Favorite Closet Trends of 2018  
Custom Islands
Make a bold statement while creating more organization in your home with a custom island. Custom islands can store everything from designer jewelry to shoes to sweaters. You can take it a step further and add bench seating to your island. Drawers, display doors, or simple shelves can truly customize your island.
Looking to add a dramatic flair to your closet? A chandelier is the way to go! A unique light fixture in the middle of your walk-in further personalizes a custom closet. This trend not only creates a Pinterest worthy closet, but it provides the perfect closet selfie lighting. 
    Our Favorite Closet Trends of 2018  
Closet Corners
Perhaps the most common issue for closet designers is maximizing closet corners. When done correctly, the space in the corner can mean the beginning of a functional, smart closet design. Not only is it appealing and beautiful, but you are taking advantage of every inch of your closet.
Shoe Wall
Regardless of age or gender, more and more people are expanding their shoe collection. Long gone are the days of digging around your closet to find the other shoe or buying a new pair of black flats because you can’t find the pair you bought three months ago. Whether you’re a sneaker head or have a pair of heels in every color, a well organized shoe wall is a trend you will love. 
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