Garages are no longer dumping grounds for unwanted machinery and tools of yore—they are now work areas for DIY activities like carpentry, gardening, and minor automobile repair. But without planning, these multifunctional areas become clutter zones. Here are some easy-to-adopt garage storage ideas that make everyone happy; employ these and ensure that unsuspecting visitors don’t trip over carelessly stacked tools.

Use Open Storage Shelves – If the garage is treated as a storage area/mudroom, and if coats, shoes, tools, and outdoor game equipment are kept there, then walk-in closets are a better alternative; these are ideal if you want to keep everything in an orderly manner. Make them doorless with a combination of large drawers and small locker-style shelves, that way users will only pull out what’s required. These closets can be built with either glass or transparent-fiber sliding doors; both are good at keeping dust off the shelves.

Build a Corner Workbench – Most homeowners who enjoy carpentry and repair work find the garage to be the ideal place for such tasks. To set up a workbench, first, select a corner and then build U-shaped custom closets with wide workspaces above it. Include dividers when making the shelves and adjustable drawers, that way essential tools can be stored and organized. You can also install cabinets or shelves above the workbench and use them for storing tools you use often.

Have Separate Areas for Different Items – When trying to organize all the tools and machines in the garage, one might find that designating specific areas of the garage for certain tools and machines is quite beneficial. To ensure that common items like shoes, coats, outdoor game equipment, and garden tools don’t get mixed up, use baskets, hangers, and walk-in closets—make sure every family member that uses the garage has their own storage area.

Utilize Vertical Space with Wall Shelves and Hooks – Wall-mounted shelves are great storage options when floor space is occupied by other essentials. To make custom closets in Miami sturdy enough for storing bulky items, most owners use metal shelves that require little maintenance. Also, heavy metal hooks can keep things like obscure garden equipment and bicycles off the garage floor.