How to Choose the Best Walk-in Closet System

by admin, April 22, 2020

One basic requirement of any contemporary home is a walk-in closet. When you are planning to renovate your home, adding a walk-in closet can increase the value of your home. But the market is packed with so many options. How do you pick the one that is best suited for your house?

It is important to note that home builders usually make walk in closets with floor plans that range from 25 sq. ft. to 100 sq. ft. and more. Additionally, walk-in closets are available in three broad categories: small and square, long and narrow, and large. Below, we have outlined which closet systems are ideal for your home, according to your available space.

Small and Square Closet Style

Since these closets are compact, they are the ideal choice for smaller properties. They do not have much space for walking around and usually have hanging storage on two walls. This model is best suited for small families who only need to meet basic requirements.

In terms of dimensions, small and square walk-in closets come in a standard size of 5 ft. by 5 ft. You can also customize them according to your specifications. With the proper implementation of creative vertical space storage ideas, you can maximize your space to store all of your belongings.

Long and Narrow Closet Style

Usually available in 6.5 ft. by 9 ft. spaces, this type of walk-in closet features long walls with a narrow walk-around area. The long walls give you enough room for storing your clothes. However, you need to manage this area properly, or you will end up having a messy narrow passage. Installing double hanging rods and open shelves can help to ensure maximum space utilization.

Large Closet Style

Luxurious, spacious, and extravagant, large walk-in closets are a dream come true for homeowners. Usually measuring 12 ft. by 14 ft.or larger, its dimensions are like those of a full-fledged room. These offer plenty of space for you to walk around. It is the perfect option for big families and for those who want a bit of luxe in their homes. Creating one of these next to your master bedroom offers maximum utilization.

You can go with any of these closet systems, depending on your available space. But make sure you get the professionals when it comes to designing the perfect walk-in closet. They can customize your closet according to your specifications. Our experts at JL Closets are just a call away to help you make your dream closet a reality! Contact us at 1-800-903-0649 for a design consultation.