JL Closets’ Top 5 Tips To Maximize Your Contemporary Closet Design



Once you’ve decided to hire a contemporary custom closet design firm, it’s crucial to think about how you can make the most of your investment. Here in South Miami, it’s common to work out on the beach in the morning, have a full day of work, and then spend the evening at a rooftop bar reveling in our beautiful skyline and balmy nights. But whether you’re an on-the-go professional or running from work to your child’s soccer game, you’re probably considering a custom closet to make your life easier. Here are five tips that will make sure that it does.

What Will You Need To Store In Your Closet?

When it comes to closet design, it’s vital to consider your daily activities. For example, are you always at hot yoga? Then you’ll probably need adequate storage for all of your leggings. If enjoying the South Miami nights is more your thing, then you’ll need extra shelves for your shoe collection.

Do You Prefer To Hang Or Fold Items?

Our goal at JL Closets is to help you enjoy the benefits of having a clean, organized space. However, if you don’t consider your preferences, you may end up with too much of one thing and not enough of another. Think about how you like to store your items and take that into account during the design process.

What Would Make Your Life Easier?

Contemporary closet design is all about creating peace in your daily life. Researchers found that people in an organized room were likelier to choose healthier snacks and donate more money. Consider your work, leisure, and family habits—then imagine opening your closet doors and immediately finding what you need. At JL Closets, we know the benefits are in the details. What would create ease during your most hectic moments?

How Do You Want Your Closet to Look?

Whether you like contemporary closet design or have more of a traditional aesthetic, JL Closets can tailor our plan to your style. If you’re not clear what that is yet, we suggest making a Pinterest Board or collecting images that speak to you. Our catalog of styles, finishes, and accents make it easy to find the perfect look, even if you’re more eclectic.

Schedule a Closet Design Consultation

If all else fails, your South Miami closet design specialist can help you pinpoint your needs. JL Closets offers free consultations to ensure that we provide the perfect solution. Ideally, you’ll have gone through the previous steps and have an idea of what you want, but if you don’t have time to do that, we’ll do it for you. By getting to know your space and preferences, we’re able to render a personalized, computerized closet design that makes the most of your space. Since 1991, we’ve been Southern Florida’s premier contemporary closet design company. If you’re ready to get organized, feel free to reach out—we’d be happy to help. Our functional designs create elegant spaces that you’ll love to live in.