Our client wanted to ensure that this $10.5m house had closets as spectacular as the rest of the contemporary home. We built a bright closet in an imported super matte for her walk-in closet, which matches the white marble bathroom next door. The client requested a closet that is functional, elegant and has a luxurious look. We added functionality by providing a perfect solution to store and showcase purses and shoes. Adding glass doors and LED lighting on the vertical panels also made it easy to see the contents of the closet.
The hardware in the closet is in a matte gold color, which adds a luxurious feel and is distinct from the rest of the white closet. The client also wanted storage for her jewelry so we added two jewelry liners in the top two drawers.
In his closet we used a masculine dark wood. We added LED lighting to avoid making the closet feel gloomy. Similar to her closet, we added mirrored doors to allow for full length mirrors without sacrificing precious wall space in the closet.

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