Modern Murphy Wall Beds: 3 Frequently Asked Questions

by admin, December 10, 2019

Murphy beds were very popular in the early twenty-first century because a housing shortage in the U.S. forced many people to live in small, compact homes. But the Murphy bed has undergone significant changes over the years. Today, modern Murphy beds use sophisticated dual-piston and spring-carriage systems, so both pulling them out and putting them away are easy. You can also customize a modern Murphy wall bed to match your style and décor.

But many people don’t know the fundamentals behind Murphy beds, and some make incorrect assumptions about wall beds generally. Below we’ve listed a few questions we’re commonly asked about modern Murphy beds. Read on if you’re considering installing wall beds!

Are Modern Murphy Beds Comfortable?

Yes! They are comfortable enough to be used every day, not just for one-off occasions. Modern Murphy wall beds are made using high-quality wood slats, and these are attached to customized slat holders so weight can be distributed evenly, ensuring great sleeping experiences every night. Unlike futons and pullout sofa beds that use very thin mattresses, customized modern Murphy beds can accommodate comfortable mattresses. In fact, a well-designed modern Murphy wall bed is as good as, or even better than, a conventional bed.

Are Modern Murphy Beds Safe?

Wall beds are often associated with Charlie Chaplin, who while looking for a place to escape got himself trapped inside a wall bed. This is, of course, cinematic liberty—you can’t really get trapped in a wall bed. For one, you cannot lift the bed if there’s too much weight! Some people also fear that the bed might fold up unexpectedly, which is again impossible because of weight constraints. But a wall bed could fall if it’s designed improperly. At JL Closets, we’ll create the perfect wall bed for you, and we’ll make sure it’s properly attached to a base fixture. Customization is key when it comes to installing modern Murphy wall beds.

Do I Need a Lot of Space to Install a Murphy Bed?

There should be a little bit of space left around the wall bed. When measuring for a wall bed installation, we consider all the important dimensions and elements. You will have to decide if you want the bed to fold vertically or horizontally. For the latter, you will need 47 inches of space to accommodate a queen bed. And if you’re installing custom cabinets, you’ll need to add their width to the width of the bed so you know the total wall space required. If you want the bed to fold vertically, you will need at least 87.5 inches for a queen bed.

To learn more about modern Murphy beds, call us and schedule a free design consultation!