Do you feel your walk-in closet lacks adequate space for all your essentials? Would a few extra shelves on one side create more room for shoes? Would a couple of drawers with dividers be great for keeping accessories in an organized manner? A customized walk-in closet with both the right number of shelves for clothes and adequate space for shoes is the perfect solution for all your storage woes. Here are some other facets your walk-in closet must have:

Adequate Ventilation

A large walk-in closet should have proper ventilation so moisture and mold don’t accumulate in the room. Lack of fresh air will make a dressing area stuffy and claustrophobic. Proper ventilation will keep your clothes, accessories, and shoes free of mildew and dust mites.

Bright Lighting

Wardrobe closets typically have a single light in the center, and this is generally considered sufficient. But things become inconvenient when you have to match accessories with outfits or shoes, for everything has to be brought forward for a better view. Skip the old single-lighting system with your walk-in closet and install small lights along the closet rims; these will help you locate items easily as well as store items in an orderly fashion.

Large Mirrors

Walk-in closets are incomplete without a couple of full-length mirrors. A 360-degree mirror can be just the right luxury addition, one that’ll make every vantage point visible in the room. Adjusting the neck frill on a full-length gown or fixing the cufflinks on a shirt can be difficult, but these large mirrors will help you immensely.

Storage for Jewelry and Accessories

Delegating specific regions of the walk-in closet for jewelry, accessories, and other essentials like cufflinks and ties make finding these items easy. Expensive accessories like watches, cufflinks, and jewelry can be stored in velvet-lined drawers to retain their sheen. Hardy accessories like ties, belts, hats, and scarfs can be stacked in pull-out shelves or boxes. Dressing for both casual and formal occasions becomes a pleasure when you have a customized walk-in closet to keep all your favorite items in order. We can help you plan your storage space with custom closets.

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