Must-Haves for Your Walk-In Closet

by admin, February 6, 2020

Every house needs a walk-in closet to store belongings in a neat and accessible manner. With custom-made walk-in closets, there are plenty of design details that can be incorporated for easy storage. Thoughtful details like mixed shelving, drawers with built-in organizers, and display stacks for cosmetics or jewelry can enhance the utility of walk-in closets. Here are some must-haves for every walk-in closet.

  • Swing-out doors: For top shelves that are likely to be used for storing seasonal bed linens and luggage, use swing-out doors. This mechanism frees hands from holding the door out while removing and storing heavy or bulky items.
  • Smart displays for jewelry and accessories: Display boxes with glass tops, racks with small plastic covers, hooks, and small mannequins are perfect for storing jewelry in custom closet systems.
  • Mixed shelves: A wardrobe closet may not be able to stock all the essentials in one place if the bedroom is small. Ideally, every home should have closets with a combination of pull out drawers for folded items and dividers to organize daily use items. Open shelves with and without racks for small and large items and closed sections within the wardrobe can also help you store everything neatly.
  • Vanity area: A walk-in closet is incomplete without a vanity area. To make this section perfect, remember to add details like a mirror, drawers below the countertop, and overhead lighting. A stool that can be folded and kept either within the closet or in front of the vanity will finish off the area.

Slanted shelves for shoes: If you have a large shoe collection, then slanted shelves at the bottom of your closet can store your collection and make it easy to find the pair you are looking for. Ensure that the dimensions of the shelves are appropriate for the different shoe sizes in your collection. Adding a lip or edge to the shelf will prevent the shoes from slipping off the shelf.