Storage Solutions Tips for Luxury Closets

by admin, April 3, 2020

Our storage design experts have worked with clients across Florida to make custom wardrobes and walk-in closets, along with other luxury storage solutions. If you are planning to build your custom closet, here are a few things to look for:

Quality Cabinetry

Well-designed closets look orderly and smart because of the high-quality cabinetry used in these systems. Custom-built cabinetry will integrate with the paneling and style of your rooms. They also include custom-built shelves, drawers, and display area with hanging rods to maximize horizontal space.

Visually Appealing Layout

Stuffing every nook and cranny of the wardrobe may be a tempting idea if you are running short of storage space, but it can lead to a messy closet and make belongings harder to find. It makes sense to retain visual space along with a clear line of sight when the wardrobe is opened. Breathing room between clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, and other knick-knacks not only reduces your stress when looking for things but makes the storage area feel spacious.

Stack Your Shoes and Handbags like a Boutique

To find the right accessories for your outfit without pulling everything out, use the right kind of shelves and display sections for your belongings. Small bags, clutches, and purses can be placed at the back while handbags can be kept in individual cubby shelves. Bright overhead LED lights can be fitted around the frame for better visibility. Hanging shoe organizers can be used to divide sandals, stilettoes, and work shoes in a separate section.

Keep Seasonal Clothes out of Sight

If the built-in wardrobe extends to the ceiling, then use the upper sections to keep seasonal clothing and accessories out of sight. Better still, store them in vintage chests or suitcases and stack them to keep them put away until the right season arrives. If these cannot be accommodated inside the closet, then stack these suitcases to create a decorative counter in the dressing area.  

Store Linens Separately

Linens take up a lot of space and are messy if not stored properly. Ideally, they can be organized in sets and stacked in neat piles in a hallway linen closet. Without the visual clutter, the closet can be used for a lot more objects.