Trendy Closet Styles that You Will Adore

by admin, March 12, 2020

Having an elegant storage space not only keeps your house clutter-free but also adds aesthetic value. At JL Closets, we help homeowners discover stylish storage spaces that are perfect for their storage needs and match their tastes. When discussing closet styles, people often limit their choices to walk-in closets and wardrobe closets, but there are plenty of other storage solutions.

Here, we’ve listed some of the common closet systems designed to keep your home elegant and efficient.

Linen Closets

These are essentially reach-in closets but designed to store blankets, pillows, beddings, sheets, towels, and other bathroom supplies. There are plenty of shelves to store additional linens and supplies. They’re usually placed in convenient areas between bedrooms and bathrooms or inside of laundry rooms. They may also be built into the corner of a bathroom. Linen closets can be doorless to ensure ease of access.

Hall/Entry Closets

This is another category of reach-in closets. As the name suggests, these are placed somewhere near the major entrances of the house. They may also resemble a small walk-in closet, depending on the area they cover. They are meant to store items like coats, jackets, hats, overcoats, and shoes.


Pantries can be seen either inside or near the kitchen and can be in the form of walk-in or reach-in pantries. Pantries may have taller cabinets compared to regular base cabinets. They may also have a number of shelves as well as drawers to fit in various items ranging from spices and canned food to cutlery, serving dishes, and even cleaning supplies like towels and dishwashing liquids. Certain pantries may also host brooms, mops, and closed garbage containers.

Whether you are looking for a customized walk-in closet or other storage solution, we can help!