What Do You Need to Know about Murphy Beds?

by admin, January 16, 2020

When visiting friends and family, you may have stayed in small apartments and used in-wall Murphy beds that were pulled down when it was time for bed. Murphy beds have been around a long time and were patented by William Lawrence Murphy in the1900s. He wanted to be able to entertain friends in his single bedroom home. As foldable beds available at that time were cumbersome, he invented a pull-down structure that could be stacked against a wall vertically or within a closet or cabinet with a pivot and counterbalance at one end. They are still popular choices today, and there are many reasons for their popularity. If you are considering getting a Murphey bed, read on:

Murphy Beds Versus Foldable Sofa Beds

Murphy beds are often discussed in the same vein as sofa beds, but there is a marked difference between them regarding their storage and level of comfort. While modern Murphy beds can easily be stacked into a closet and kept out of sight, sofa beds can only be folded into a smaller size. Also, standard-sized mattresses can be used on Murphy beds, but sofa beds have folded mattresses that are lumpy and uncomfortable. Another benefit of a Murphy bed is that you do not have to remove the bedding every time you want to put it away because it can be stored as it with the sheets and blankets till on it.

Why is a Murphy Bed a Good Investment?

Here are some additional benefits of a Murphy bed:

  • Open Space in the Bedroom: Modern Murphy beds can be designed to fit neatly into closet systems, so they free up floor space in the bedroom. To enhance functionality, shelves can be added to the side which can be used for storage when the bed is folded up.
  • Stylish Designs: Wall-mounted Murphy beds are available in stylish designs that can be stacked against the wall without fear of damage. Customized Murphy beds can be designed to suit your home decor and fold up neatly into walk-in closets.
  • Multipurpose Room Options: If you are living in a single room apartment then modern Murphy beds can help you easily transition between a living room in the daytime and a bedroom at night by just pulling down the bed. This way you can also fit in other furniture like a table and a few chairs to entertain occasional guests. Even in bigger homes, Murphy beds can allow for rooms to serve multiple purposes.