Why you should pick a family business for your custom closets



A cluttered home causes stress, and living in clutter can take a toll on your health. This has been found time and again by researchers; in fact, Princeton University researchers recently found that clutter affects your ability to focus. Custom closets are great for keeping things organized and they’ll help in the fight against clutter. But should you pick a ready-to-assemble cabinet, one that’s sold buy a franchise, or should you choose to use custom closets that are designed by a family-run business? We list benefits associated with each below:

Buying Boxed Storage Solutions from a Franchise

Ready-to-assemble storage solutions save time and money. All you have to do is order cabinets based on your space specifications and you can assemble them at home. The cabinets are cut and finished as you request, but you have to follow the instructions included with the cabinets to set them up. When it comes to ready-to-assemble cabinets, they can either be average or very good. There are, however, many reputed manufacturers that specialize in ready-to-assemble cabinets.

Hiring a Family-Owned Custom Closet Company

JL Closets is a family-owned business managed by professional custom closet designers. We are unlike those average contractors that put quantity over quality. Unlike franchise businesses that use substandard materials, all our materials are high-quality and exceeding of industry standards. Franchise businesses lack options in terms of colors and materials—we have a wide variety! We use over 200 different materials and colors. Every item we sell is customized and made from scratch. Adjustments, if any are required, can be made on the spot at the client’s request. If anything needs to be replaced, replacements will be ordered and shipped quickly. Sure, you can discuss storage ideas with a professional at the IKEA store, but we’ll give you a free design consultation so we can visualize the project in your space. This is done so clients can choose features that are best for them, and these features can be customized to fit clients’ preferences.

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